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K.Kim TaeKwonDo About US

K.KIM Taekwondo Korean Martial Arts Academy is located in Temecula(and Wildomar), California and founded by KEUNJUNG KIM in 2004(and 2011). The Academy is a Martial Arts school specializing in the art of Taekwondo Korean Martial Arts & Kendo (Sword Sparring).

Taekwondo Korean Martial Arts & Kendo is a complete art form comprising both hard and soft techniques. This Martial Arts includes Kicking, Punching, Sparring, joint locks, muscle tearing, pressure point attacks, internal KI (chi) training for power and healing and weapons training.

For more information on our classes and schedule please visit us at

1. Temecula Taekwondo Studio
31725 Temecula Pkwy #A
Temecula, CA 92592
(In Stater bros Shopping Center)

Tel: (951)302-7343

2. Wildomar Taekwondo Studio
32294 Clinton Keith Rd #101
Wildomar, CA 92595
(Renaissance Plaza)

Tel: (951)609-9900

3. Winchester Taekwondo Studio
30660 Benton Rd #D403
Winchester, CA 92596
(French Valley Village Center)

Tel: (951)926-9292


Emergency: (951)553-3616
Email: masterkkim@gmail.com

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